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Skaters are responsible for bringing pads to the lessons.
I am medically trained as a First Responder through the American Red Cross.

What will I learn?
• Proper foot placement and posture
• Board usage and stance (Regular, Goofy, Switch, Fakie, Nollie)
• How to bail/fall and knee slide
• Skate park etiquette (taking turns, keeping aware of your surrounding)
• Maintaining balance
• Pushing
• Turning and truck usage
• Pumping
• Board maintenance

Individual Lessons VS. Group Lessons

Group lessons tend to cost less since students are grouped together, in an attempt to optimize time and instruction for a single lesson, but for beginners this method tends to be less personal with less time spent on each individual. Beginners usually need much more attention with a focus on overcoming discouragement and recognizing the small and sometimes overlooked incremental improvements. Individual lessons are therefore focused to optimize one-on-one instruction, with an emphasis on foundational principles and the ability to recognize real progress. Most people learn at different speeds, utilizing many different skill sets. Individual instruction therefore takes advantages of these differences and helps students maximize their time and energy for the fastest learning curve possible.

What about skateboarding morale?

Although Skateboarding is an individual sport, skateboarders collectively have a highly realized sub-culture worldwide. With its own unique vocabulary, fashion, and music, skaters make up a large percentage of the greater youth culture at large. Skateboarding provides an excellent venue for improving both interpersonal communications and social adaptability. And in many cases lifelong relationships develop as a result of participation in this sport.

Skateboarding also provides excellent health benefits as cross training with small muscle coordination, timing, reaction speeds, advanced cardiovascular, respiratory, stamina, and strength endurance training.

Lessons can be taught at most free local skate parks, at a near by public park, or in your driveway.

Email me Reviews of your lessons! Please include your age and skate park.

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Please print, fill out and bring to the first lesson.

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