Get ready to skate! Learn from our experienced instructors who know how to teach in a simple and fun way. Our programs are designed by a professional skateboarding instructor of 20 years to maximize your understanding and engage your spirit.

We have many options, such as One-on-one lessons, Group Lessons & Skate Camps to keep you enjoying your progression.

First Timer (FTR)

For skaters who have never been in a skatepark or want to learn how to feel comfortable with the basics including: pushing, board control, kick-turns, riding down bank ramps, stopping, knee slides and overall board maintenance.

Beginner (BGN)

This level is for skaters that can skate around safely and would like to learn skate park basics and skate park etiquette. Beginner basics include: drop-ins, pumping, carving, frontside and backside kick-turns, rock to fakie, 50/50s, tail stalls, ollies, half-cab turns and most importantly, reading the lines at the park.

Intermediate (INT)

This level is for skaters looking to comfortably pump and flow around the park while doing basic tricks on most terrain. Intermediate includes: basic tricks in mini ramp, flip tricks, some big tranny, lodges, flat rails, and park lines.

Advanced (ADV)

This is for skaters who skate almost every day. They are consistently motivated to learn new tricks and are able to skate most terrain while doing basic, intermediate and advanced tricks. This level can help you prepare for a contest or sponsor-me video. Advanced terrain include vert walls, hand rails, pools, ledges, quick tranny, and big tranny.


Skate with pros who also know how to teach. Trust us that is a unique combination. Our programs are designed by pros to maximize your learning and engage your spirit.

One-on-one lessons : Customized to each persons ability and pace. These are a must for first timers and beginners to better understand skate park etiquette, pad safety, and how to master the basics. We also use these as a positive way to mentor and inspire kids.

Group lessons : Available upon request! Similar skill level recommended.


We offer several week-long camps in the spring and summer. These camps are offered to beginner, intermediate, and advanced skaters. These camps are offered to first time riders all the way through advanced competitive riders.

Camp consists of warm up, stretching, professional lessons, peer instruction, snack / lunch, games, and skateboard maintenance & group clinics. These are special group lessons that combine skaters of similar ability level. This allows them to be inspired and learn from each other as well as learn from our experienced instructors. We find these especially helpful in building skate park friendships.

Some of our summer sessions are extended days and incorporate an add-on project to explore camper’s artistic talents. As we continue to grow, we will add additional camps as well as curriculum to explore and enrich the camp experience.


“Josh has been working with my son for a number of years now, and has helped him grow as a skater and a person. Josh and the team at Skate Park Lessons (SPL) are positive, encouraging, and empathetic. At SPL students learn to handle challenges and excel through effort, building confidence and friendships. The creativity inherit in skate culture is evident in Josh’s riding and instruction, which makes him a great role model for the next generation. I highly recommend SPL.”

“I happened upon the Skate Park Lessons by accident, and I am sure glad that I did. While at the skatepark with my kids I was approached by Josh, the teacher of the camp. He came up and told me that he thought my son would benefit greatly from his camp. He also told me that I would see a huge difference in my child’s skating at the end of one week. I was a little skeptical, but I asked my little boy if he was interested, and I ended up bringing my child back the next day for Skate Camp. At the end of one week I was blown away with the confidence my little boy discovered he had. He started the camp as an experienced 7-year-old skater… he came out of that first week of camp seriously next level. I am so glad to have bumped into Josh that day at the skatepark. He is an awesome teacher for kids at any level. I wish I could keep Skate Park Lessons and Josh a secret, but that wouldn’t be fair to anybody!”

“My son has been taking lessons from Josh for several years now.   His skating has dramatically improved due to Josh’s instruction. Josh makes learning fun and is very patience with all skating levels.  The kids love him!! Thanks so much Josh!  Good Luck!”

“I cannot say enough good things about Josh’s teaching style and his ability to work so well with the kids.  My son was lucky enough to go to Woodward although it was a great experience he did not learn anything compared to the skate camp Josh teaches.  Josh knows when to push the kids and he takes the time to encourage and show them how to become a better skater in a positive manor.  I am very happy to recommend Josh to anyone wanting to improve their skating.  My son has worked with Josh for about 3 years now.
Thank you.”

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